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Announcing the First-Ever 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona. October 26, 27, 28, 2012. Limited Seats Available Now.

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Two of the world’s most-respected Lightworkers – Mike Quinsey, channeller of SaLuSa and Suzy Ward, receiver of Matthew Ward’s messages, as well as God, Hatonn and others – will join Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, and the InLight Radio on-air team for the first ever 2012 Scenario Conference, which will be held in the spiritual centre and famed City of Light, Sedona on October 26, 27 and 28, 2012.
Tickets for the conference are on sale as of today. Tickets are limited and are likely to see fast. They are available exclusively online here at the 2012 Scenario.

The complete line-up of speakers for the inaugural Sedona event is:
  • Mike Quinsey (UK) – channeller of SaLuSa and host of BBS Radio’s Connecting the Light
  • Suzy Ward (USA) – author of The Matthew Books and receiver of Matthew Ward’s messages, as well as God, Hatonn and others
  • Linda Dillon (USA) – Channel for The Council of Love, author of The Great Awakening and channel for Heavenly Blessings and An Hour With An Angel
  • Steve Beckow (Canada) – owner of the 2012 Scenario and co-host of An Hour With An Angel
  • Graham Dewyea (USA) – Founder and Producer, InLight Radio and host of Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family
  • Geoffrey West (Canada) – Anchor Cosmic Vision News and co-host An Hour With An Angel
  • Sierra Neblina (USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond and an editor of the 2012 Scenario
  • Dave Schmidt (USA) – Co-host Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond, Director of The Hope Chestand an editor of the 2012 Scenario
  • Stephen Cook (Australia) – Host of The Light Agenda and News Editor of the 2012 Scenario
Mike will travel from his home in London, England for the event – his first trip to the US – and Suzy will make her way from her home in the US State of Washington to speak at the three-day conference.
“It’s an opportunity, as one would say, that’s too good to miss!“ says Mike Quinsey. ”And what made up my mind was the fact that I’m meeting people that I know well through email contact, such as Suzy Ward, and I’m looking forward to the appearance of the City of Light. And, who knows, perhaps it might delight us by appearing while we are all there.”
“I’m so thrilled and I’m honoured to be asked to be at the conference,“ says Suzy Ward. “To be meeting the kindred spirits with whom I’ve been emailing and talking with for a while and just being able to experience the high vibrations of everyone who’s going to be there. That will be just stupendous.
“The vibrations prevailing on Earth are already so high and two months from now – we are gonna rock!”
Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love, is equally excited about the conference: “This is such an incredible opportunity for our soul family and circle to come together. Readers of the 2012 Scenario and listeners of the InLight Radio programs come from such diverse backgrounds, and share such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.It boggles the mind to consider what we can co-create in coming together in this way, united in heart.
“It is a golden opportunity to share our visions, shift our perspectives and expand as a unified collective.”
“We’re delighted to have Mike, Suzy and Linda honour us with their presence,” says the 2012 Scenario’s Steve Beckow, who will also speak.
InLight Radio Founder and Producer, Graham Dewyea, another conference speaker, says: “I can’t wait. We have such a great line up and to feel the energy of everyone who’s going to be there will be just wonderful.”
Poco Diablo Resoirt, Sedona
“We wanted to put on a conference where the speakers actually engaged with those attending,” says Sierra Neblina, whose foundation, The Walk-In Network (TWIN), is hosting the conference in association with the 2012 Scenario and InLight Radio.
“The three days will include two-full days and an additional morning of presentations and Q&A sessions with all the speakers. It will conclude with a final day, full afternoon panel discussion featuring all nine speakers as they share their lives, thoughts and ideologies on Ascension, December 21, unity consciousness, Disclosure, our star brothers and sisters and co-creating the new paradigm of peace and love as we head into the final two months of 2012.”
“The question and answer period is going to be extremely well received,” says Suzy Ward. “I mean, we speakers are not going to know everything that’s stirring in the minds of the people who are attending and to give them the opportunity to ask questions and make comments I think is going to be a vibrant part of the conference.”
Our Early Bird Special Offer is that Tickets are $295 plus $11 Processing Fee. This includes a full gluten-free lunch each day for all conference attendees. A very limited number of 275 seats are available for sale as of today. Tickets will sell fats so don’t miss out.
“We wanted to keep the conference small and intimate and provide lunch for everyone to allow our exciting speaker line-up to engage and connect with everyone who’s attending right throughout each day. I know I’m definitely looking forward to meeting everyone in the beauty and energy of the world-famous Sedona,” says event organiser Stephen Cook, who’s travelling from Sydney, Australia for the conference.
Sedona’s famous Poco Diablo Resort will host the event and a special room rate has been organised for conference attendees. See link below.

The 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona will be held on October 26, 27 and 28 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Tickets are now available exclusively here on The 2012 Scenario website.

DON’T MISS OUT – BOOK Your Tickets Now.

Head here:

Or Click on the conference ticket button in the right hand column of on the site’s home page.

Accommodation in Sedona

Poco Diablo Resort is offering a Special Room Rate for conference attendees who quote “The 2012 Scenario Conference” when booking:
Other hotels in the Sedona area you may also wish to stay in include:
Kings Randsom (close to Poco Diablo)
Sky Ranch Lodge (at the Sedona Airport. Apparently there is a vortex at this site!)

Can’t Make It But Still Wish to Support the Conference?

Some people have said they are unable to make the Conference but still wish to support the event. You may wish to donate to assist with the travel costs of getting all our speakers from their homes to Sedona, Arizona.
To do so, please click on The Hope Chest donate button and put the words “Sedona Conference” in the additional information. To avoid any Paypal processing charges, you can even do this direct from within your own Paypal account by sending your generous contribution to Make sure you put “Sedona Conference” in there.
We will be acknowledging ALL contributions in the official conference program and here online in the following way:
Earth Family Friend ($1 – $499)
Galactic Family Friend ($500 – $999)
Celestial Family Friend ($1000 plus)
Conference Poster designed by 2012 Scenario editor, Anthony Morrison.


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