Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Karen Doonan ~ Dragon Realms Update for 30th Oct. 2012

We are the dragon realms and we are here to guide and support ALL as the new dimension in which the human race now live is created within their reality. Much is now changing and shifting and the increase in energies is to help ALL. We ask that ALL who can hear us and all who can connect with us reach out and do so, for we walk the earth and protect the earth as she now moves dimensionally into a new age.

Those who populate the earths surface will now undergo an upgrading of their energy systems and we guide that we are here to ensure this is done with little interference from those who exist in the spaces beyond spaces. Much in now changing both around and within the human race. The breaking of the outer shell is now in place and many of you may find the next period challenging.

The challenge is being risen within your being as a result of the teachings of distortion that are now seeking to reinforce all that you have been taught. The human race has been taught to live in fear and subservience to all that is around them and this is now being dissolved. The dissolving will heighten some of those teachings as they are deep and have been ingested over aeons.

The need to stand in LIGHT, to stand in FAITH and TRUST of SELF is vital at this time. For in letting go of all that no longer serves you as a race you are able to step into the LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL. This is the challenge to the human race and one that is supported by ALL who are here to guide and to support the human race at this time of vast energetic evolution. For no longer are you in the shadow of the universe, you are now moving into the bright light of the universe and soon will be walking amongs the stars for YOU ARE those very stars.

Events will unfold within your waking reality to directly challenge the beliefs that no longer serve, know that these are not created externally, upon incarnation into your human form your SOUL knew that this would be asked and has generated the experiences that YOU deemed necessary to break the hard shell that has been placed upon your energy system. It is only by going through this “breaking” of the shell that ascension and enlightenment can penetrate to your core BEing. Do our words resonate?

Once again we re-iterate that none of this is so much happening to you as happening THROUGH you for each one of you creates the reality in which you walk awake and conscious. The deep levels of your SOUL now cry out across the dimensions in order that you acknowledge who you are in TRUTH. Holding on tightly to all that you have been taught in order to halt or stop the process will result in a lowering of vibration and various physical symptoms begin to arise. We are here to help you at all times, we are here to help support your energy system and to allow you to repair the deep trauma that you have experienced in other lifetimes. Reach out to the lifetimes that now present themselves to you and KNOW that you are able to heal and repair and as you do this KNOW that you are coming back into wholeness and balance.

ALL is within, there may be storms that rage around you weather wise, emotion wise but there is always a safe harbour within. When the emotional storms begin to take root then please go within and detach, find the safe place that exists within each and every one of you and find balance and harmony. For it is only by finding balance that you are able to clear the inner vision and navigate the dissolving of the 3D earth.

The ascension of the human race is now FULLY underway, all timescales that were given as guidance have been negated, such was the need to pull the attention of those who sought to contain and suppress the human race that this information was created in order to deflect the energies. KNOW that this is a process through which the entire human race now processes.

Energies will now increase dramatically across and within planet earth and again we guide strongly events are not being created outside of SELF, all that is experienced is created from within. For those who are struggling we guide for you to look within and to clear out the teachings that try to teach that all power is outwith SELF for that is not TRUTH. ALL power is contained within and as the human race now begins its journey into the higher dimensions this will become clearer and clearer.

There are those in place that may be termed “lighthouses” during this process, these are the beings that have incarnated into human form in order to anchor TRUTH and in order to show the distortions for what they are, they are mere smoke and mirrors. We the dragon realms are protectors of the human race, we are able to move with you between the dimensions as you travel to SOURCE and back gathering the memories that are required in order that you awake to your full mission here on planet earth.

The time is NOW. We are the dragon realms and we hold you in a loving embrace, use our strength in order to help you steer your boat across the ocean of emotions, for as you release so you heighten. NO ONE is here alone, you are all fully protected and safe, that which is playing out is your SOUL for the SOUL asks that you now remember.

Copright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


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