Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Housecleaning 101 ~ A Message from Archangel Michael

 A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran ~ as received by Ariel DeAngelis



YES! Every now and then every space can use a good reaming! And speaking of holes, tearing new ones… in the fabric of space/time… has been a rather daunting and dirty task recently, BUT (and I know I’m breaking…  protocol… here [wink] because we ALL know what “buts” are for [smile]) someone’s got to do it! And so it is that we see fit that our task today is to reveal to you a new(old) way of “cleansing” and “purification” so as to establish a better groundwork for what is to come.

Some of you have been going through your own process of renaissance and renewal, and to you we say BRAVO! Well done!! Your New Day is on the Horizon and soon a whole New Earth will be Dawning in the light of that New Day!! The worst is really past you now! However, we feel that perhaps a “clean sweep” will make it easier and pave the way for a more comfortable arrival and landing in your “new home”… that renewed space within you where Love resides – the new Crystalline Matrix of your Light Hearts (we would typically use the terms Light Body here, but since it is seen that your New Being – that which is primarily Love – resides within your Hearts we felt it appropriate to refer to this New Home as “Light Heart”).
So, on with the clean sweep!
There has been a bit of frustration and confusion going on down in “channel land” as of late. Many of you have taken to heart what was revealed some time back that All will have the opportunity to discover their individual abilities to receive messages from Higher Dimensions as we get nearer and in fact cross over – pass through – these very important energetic portals that we are now experiencing.
Of course! It only stands to reason that as your own vibrations rise the better attuned you become to the New Dimensions you will be entering!  That being said we would like to commend those of you who have been doing such a fine job of receiving information from your extended Family! Again, well done! And most of you have done an excellent job discerning which of the messages you receive are intended to be just for you, or whether they are messages of a broader application intended for publication to the general masses. We appreciate the way that so many of you are consistently “in your hearts” when you receive and publish messages that are intended for the masses to read! Your messages are Heart centered and filled with Love and Light which is exactly the purpose of conveying these messages in the first place – to establish as part of the New Paradigm a higher vibration of Light frequency so as to help facilitate the process of Ascension for those of you who have opted to participate in this Mass Ascension at this time. And as we continue toward this event there will be those who because they are just awakening still require guidance from those of you who are walking a ways ahead, and it is to you that we say, carry on! This is one of the things that you came here for!
It is however clearly obvious to many of you that some messages have been slipping through which perhaps are not as Heart centered as they could be. We are not going to make any assumptions or suggestions here, but perhaps you might have some plausible ideas of your own as to why this occurs. Needless to say it has led to some rather interesting confusion within the Lightworker community and on out into the multitudes of newly awakening Souls. The interesting thing about this is that it has caused a sort of an “imbalance” (or perhaps the term “mess” would be more appropriate here) within the Universe energetically speaking, for which it may also be clearly obvious to you will require a bit of “clean-up work” in order to even things out again. The Universe, however, is a pretty amazing Housekeeper in that such imbalances don’t last very long and just like a balance scale that gets tipped in one direction too far, it ALWAYS comes back to the center point at some point, even if at first there is a bit of toggling back and forth from one end of the balance to the other.
In this case think of it like this: The Universe is a huge basin in which information has been placed. Pertinent information (we’ll refer to Heart centered information as being pertinent in this case) is retrieved and replaced at a constant, consistent rate so as to not upset the balance too much at any one point. A problem might arise, however, when impertinent information (and we’ll use the example of “non-Heart centered information here to represent the impertinent information) gets dumped into the basin rather unceremoniously, and the resultant displacement of information in general creates a rather pronounced “sloshing” effect.
I’m certain you can see where we are going with this; that it’s not WE in the higher dimensions who will be performing the “Housecleaning” but rather the Universe Herself who will be providing this necessary task, and quite naturally too, I might add. [smile] Yes, that’s right, information has sloshed from one side of the basin to the other by the imbalance that has been created, and now it is in the process of sloshing back again. Only now, because of “where” we are currently “at” from and energetic standpoint and the Higher Vibrations creating a much more pronounced effect on just about EVERYTHING in recent “times” the sloshing effect that has been created will complete a clean sweep of ALL impertinent information that is currently being, or has been recently dumped into the “information basin”. What does this mean exactly?
Well, what this means is that while information whether pertinent or not will still flow freely, just as is true with ALL Energy that is approaching the threshold to the Higher Dimensions, if it does not resonate sympathetically with the frequencies found Higher Dimensions, it will simply not pass through. It gets “sloshed” clean out of the basin and VOILA!! No more static, no more confusion, no more mess! Clean sweep!!
You will note, as you probably already have, that less and less information of the impertinent type is making it through these days, so in terms of the clean sweep that has been mentioned here, it is already under way, largely undetected by those who have been delivering this type of information. This is another amazing trait of the Universe; to be able to complete these cleansing feats in such a way as to cause the least amount of shock to the population at large, especially to those who seem to be rather oblivious as to the type of information they have been delivering. YES! You have been feeling much of the cleansing Energies coming at you especially in recent weeks and days  as they are ramping up at ever increasing rates. However, these are typically only felt to the extreme by individuals who are particularly sensitive to them, namely the ones who have been the trailblazers and the wayshowers, the ones who have been in the forefront for all this time. They are the ones who, while they may not have always been recognized as such, and some have only come into view of the community at large recently, have been here the longest, making way for those who would follow, basically “taking one for the team”. We truly appreciate all their hard work and diligence. We would like to point out that whether or not you are feeling these Energies is not in itself indicative of “where you are at” in terms of your progress toward your own personal Ascension. Each individual is unique and therefore has a unique experience with that regard. Those who are still in the process of Heart centering, however, may perhaps not feel it quite so extensively and may continue on for some time with their purveyance of “impertinent” information, quite unaware of what is going on around them, until one day they realize that people are no longer paying them any attention.
In conclusion, we wish to say that if you have been concerned about all that has been going on lately with regard to confusion over certain information you have come across, concern yourselves no further.  ALL is in Divine Order, going according to Divine Plan in Divine Right Timing. There is no need for anyone to take up reins to make certain that certain messes get “cleaned up” because as you can now understand, the Universe has had things in hand the entire time. You are being Divinely provided for, Divinely protected and Divinely Loved by ALL That Is.
I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We Love you All and duly hope that this information puts your Hearts at ease. [smile]


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