Sunday, 21 July 2013

SaLuSa 19.07.2013

The changes are manifesting on your world one by one and although you might not be fully aware of them, they cannot be stopped and once your media are able to transmit clearly without false alteration of the news, you will be able to see what everything have changed. We know you want to see all the changes to be already done, but for very long time the dark ones prepared you for opposite, so now you have to allow for reversing and turning your society the other way around. Each one of you are creators of this society and now when you have found out the power you have within, should use it accordingly. Do not wait for anything because you have already been changed immensely and now it is time to help others to do the same if that is their wish. Spread your Love and Light wherever you go and do not let doubts slow your progress. All the messages you are receiving are here to inspire you to freely share your wisdom and love with those who are just awakening and seeking to know more. We are looking forward for the moment when we also can freely join you and openly help with your endeavors as newly emerged Galactic Beings.

Dear Ones, please do not forget that you are the driving force for all the changes and once you have set yourself free from all the old matters, you will see yourself the way we see you as Beings of Light who are aware of their power of creating their path according to their wish, surrounded only with love energy and with their mind clearly focusing on what they want in life. Once you set your intention to think and act this way, your Guides and Angels will be showing you the road and if you choose to listen to their guidance as well as your own, one day you will find out that you have changed and no more negative or doubtful thoughts are in your mind.

Some might be discouraged with the fact that there are still issues for clearing and after some days of feeling comfortably and blissful, another matter arises. Do not be surprised, because you have kept these matters unsolved for many, many years and were not ready to deal with them until now.  Lovingly accept them and do not judge yourself in any way, as for some the hardest issues arising just now. Remember that after all is cleared, the blissful state of mind will stay with you and cannot be taken away from you. Keep this vision of peaceful mind and allow yourself to take another step in your journey home. Always remember that we are with you on this journey, as we are One. This knowing should comfort you every time you feel separated or alone, because we are only just  a thought away.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we feel privileged to be your guiding friends on your way. We feel the love you are sending towards us and are very happy that you are feeling it to be returned to you. Share it with all and see it returning to you, perhaps with a stranger's smile. Keep smiling and enjoy these times of great changes and know there is so much more to come.

Channeller: MADAD


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