Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Korea, Boston; Distractions from Alien Disclosure?

I hope no one believes the Boston terrorist attack was to give the lamestream media’s talking heads something to boost their flagging ratings and credibility.

We know the cabal always stages these “distractions” when something important that would be to their detriment is going on, or about to take center stage.

Alien Disclosure is key to our evolution and stepping into our Golden Age, and with Sirius about to premiere to the world in Hollywood April 22nd and the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure to take place for five days in Washington at the end of April, what better way to take our attention off that than with another domestic terrorism ploy?

The Korea scenario is an absolute joke; Boston is clearly pre-planned. What else do they have up their sleeve? You can bet it’s there. The closer we get to the uncloaking of the presence of our star families, the more desperate they will become.

It won’t matter, however. Disclosure by The People is a done deal—no matter what tricks the Illuminati throw in our path. We will not be stopped, distracted or diverted. Reality is about to take on a whole new meaning. In fact, “human race” is about to be redefined.

The fact that the government of the United States and the Illuminati have kept advanced technologies from us—technologies they themselves enjoy—will be out of the bag. Free energy will mean no more paying through the nose for oil, gas, electricity and coal and we can reverse the damage we’ve done to our spectacular but ravaged planet.

Seemingly miraculous healing will be made available to us and make us whole and healthy again in every sense of the word. Food will be pure and nutritious. We will once again enjoy the spiritual gifts we possessed in the days of Atlantis which the Annunaki bred out of us centuries ago.

There will be no more homeless, starving, suffering people on Earth.

The dark cabal’s eugenics agenda will be annihilated. THEY will be annihilated. We will have our planet back and will proceed to become the Galactic beings we always have been but never dreamed because the Illuminati stole our dreams.

We’re about to make history, and the cabal won’t be a part of it any longer. Isn’t that threat enough to warrant all these terrorist attacks?

Say goodbye to the past, friends. The “new” Humanity is rising up from the ashes of who they had us all believing we were, and we’re becoming who we really ARE. It’s in the stars and nothing can stop it—certainly not a few terrorist attacks or a fabricated threat of war from a manipulated, misguided—and now “missing”—boy king. Ascension is upon us. We are almost at the point of no return, and the Illuminati knows it.

The Sirius trailer

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. We are so close to a new paradigm that will benefit every one of us. It is up to us. The Galactic Federation of Light under Lord Ashtar's Ashtar Command can only act within the dictates of our free will. We must chose a new reality! Thank you for chosing the light! <3

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I would thank for your comment

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