Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sirius Premiere: What Did You Think?

Just a reminder: You can now view Sirius via the site at any time you choose.  Click on the link below or the video image in the top right hand margin.
Dr Steven Greer’s much-talked about documentary featureSirius had its world premiere last night at the Regal Cinemas in The Premier House Theatre, Los Angeles, USA.
To those who attended the premiere or have now viewed the film online, we’d love to hear what you thought. Please send us your review via the Contact Us form with Sirius Review in the subject line. We’ll be publishing a selection of reviews on our film information page for others to read.
If you haven’t yet seen Sirius, you can still do so here on the site. Golden Age of Gaia, through the Nova Earth Foundation, is part of the official Sirius Affiliate Program which means you can watch the film at anytime you choose. Find out how you can watchSirius via Golden Age of Gaia here.
Meanwhile, if you purchased the film and had any difficulties viewing (which we sincerely hope wasn’t the case) or have any technical questions, please contact the film’s distributor, Yekra, at If you think you may not have received your connection details or password info, don’t forget to check your Spam box


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