Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Soren Dreier ~ False Flag Fishing Time Again

o the control system played the Boston Card in the deck. Seems like they struck a really bad chord there: Instant exposure.

Are we seeing conspiracy where there is none?

No, we are awake now, opening more and more up to the recognition of the tools of governments and the mossad`s who are still using the equation of: The best fishing spots seem to be in stirred up waters, as goes for the police state agendas.

Sorry – but we won´t go there anymore.
We have been too long in this now and can read it and see through it – and all the mainstream media going in some frantic chorus that seems so obviously well coordinated on a global scale: triggering fear in the tv-souls doped up on sugar, artificial sweeteners and the comfortably numb hypnotic state of fragile minds overwhelmed by the massiveness in the fabricates of the Matrix nastiness.

Fishing time again for frightened and stirred up souls in Morph City.

But they did it, I grant them that, made me feel very sad, but in that sadness there came clarity and a melancholic vibe in spite of the damage done.

Never been so sure actually of the false flag deception and I certainly am not the only one.

Too late now. We have grown. They can’t beat us. They can take our legs, fill our body’s with metal, we will keep on keeping on. I will, put my hope into that while looking to a distant constellation that’s brightening the sky.

That is the promise in all of this: Detach the emotions of fear and the equation become obvious. If we give in to fear the equation will hide and we will take the bait that is handed to us on a silver platter….all to convenient.

Knowing that is a safe place to be, when the devil beats his drum and days seems to stumble backwards into darker nights…..

©2013 Soren Dreier

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