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Sarah Gazala~Being In Our True Natural State

Dream time has been very unusual lately. Personally I feel that the dream state is becoming too inorganic. After a conversation with a few people it feels like we are reliving past scenarios, which feels, again very artificial. I shared the following with the group.... “By the way, this is how I work, analyzing. I need to know self and share self, express self, to understand the greater picture. If its coming to the awareness then something bigger is happening then what is being felt by self. It has been playing out all morning, the unusual dream, reliving past crap scenarios, alternate 4d timelines. Yes, release is part of it, yet our awareness is the most essential part. I did experience a 5d dream too. Yet knew the difference of the lower vibrational control dream then the true free expression of soul dream. If it is presenting fear, then this is not real and is to be deprogrammed, we are to move out of this, we are not victims, just need to free ourself of this programming to experience the Divine dream state. Thank you for sharing “C”. Truly love the sharing, builds on having a more aware and greater consciousness.”

Its time to remove the visors from the dream world. Its just another form of mind control which I have mentioned before yet it still continues. Especially revisiting parts of you that you have no reason to visit too. Its like watching TV, mindless and brainwashing. And the dream world is harder to get out of then the 3d matrix. If your aware, then you are just that. Lets discuss this. Its time to wake to the 4d cosmic matrix and work through it consciously. Yes, being aware during the dream state.

The cycle of Night and Day is artificial to our natural state and so to the earth. We are beings of light and so with the earth. The moon too is artificial to us, keeping us all in repeating cycle, cycles of time. All these cycles are artificial yet we use them in these times to guide us and now we have been guided to here. So now we need to make that great leap out of the 4d cosmic matrix to being as conscious as possible during the dream state so we can move beyond to the higher states. That or we get rid of the mind control. The 4d should be something wonderful to be experienced. It is the highest form (fewer limitations) we can experience on the earth plane in a physical state. They (zeta r) have found a way to manipulate and limit our dreams, or 4d experiences. How? I am not sure. These beings though have some serious mind control abilities and technology for so many of us to be having similar dream themes at a given period. We need to get out of the mind. For it is through the mind we are controlled. We have to learn to travel the dreams state in our heart.

No Being of any sort has the right to control another Being. Period. Become Aware. This is your best defense. Stop lying to yourself and allowing your mind or ego to lie to you. I did a radio talk show the other day and something I wish I could have shared was.... “Thank you “C”. I wish I could have explained more. one hour is so little time when having fun :) I wanted to mention that there are many races on the earth right now and one of the other races working with the grays are the reptilians, yet not all of them are doing this. Some are good and looking to change over and need us to assist them. (the zetaR do however use the reptoids and make them out to be more involved then they really are, and the zetaR on the other hand having very little involvement if none at all). Its a big mess on that end, they know they are dying and the ones most resistant to move into the light will be removed. This is the earth's wish, she is done tolerating this and put the call out to either comply to her wishes to ascend or she will personally remove you long ago. The old ways are done and its a new age of love, feminine, caring, divine, the goddess age. Get with the program basically.”

I was sharing two nights ago similar info about the earth and her decision to proceed and remove those who are not willing to change yet rather play games. And that many are leaving due to choosing to leave or not being able to accept change ... Then minutes later read this...

The radio talk show is here too (Looking for sponsors by the way. Pass me a line via facebook if you are interested)

Those of you sensitive to the Boston Bombing, my apologies. These beings really think we are stupid though. Or they don't give a damn that people are aware of their sick ways. Either way, we are not causalities or commodities. This needs to come to an end. YOU will never find the “terrorist” looking else place, because the real terrorists are hiding behind their walls of money. You can buy actors with no consciousness yet you cannot buy your salvation. You created a hell for yourself living in your lies and illusions and many of us are to aware now and chose not to continue playing in your illusions.... your hell.

Something I have experienced in past days... Strange out of body experience where I was aware I was falling asleep in bed, left to go check on the little one and found she was awake and I was seeing out of her eyes. She was startled and I had to let her know its okay before pulling back to my body. On the 17th I felt the consciousness of humanity expand. More compassion was felt also. Yet I am also feeling the other end too. Much of this going on (too much of what you don't want versus too much of what you do want for example). I noticed as consciousness expanded, those who dwell in the illusions are in more fear and prefer to stay their then wake up. Get out of the lower mind. In fact by opening up and experiencing the consciousness of all beings and life and allowing and accepting all that is, it is then possible for your consciousness to expand? Those who limit themselves have a difficult time expanding and are stuck in the "Me" reality instead of the We" reality. Just turn the "M" 180 degrees. "We" are all ONE. Remember this, in fact, this is an empaths best tool. We may be upset about certain things yet in the end we take the time to feel them and know them.... All of them. I noticed too that the Heart chakra is expanding, some are experiencing solar plexus expanding or even the third eye and crown expanding. The heart energy, from what I could tell, is spitting out bright green energy like streams of confetti from the heart chakra all around the body, really beautiful to see. I noticed too that the light bodies are vibrating more than usually lately and when this happens there is usually a correlation to the earths magnetic field. Hmmm....

We have to liberate everyone, especially children, of the mind control program. I wish to go back several thousands of years. Lets go back to Lemuria and Atlantis, before the abuse of the Crystal power. Once upon a time we were crystals and so with this planet, and we dropped in vibration when fear entered this earth. We however managed to use the crystals upon the earth as an artificial source of energy due to dropping in vibration. Yet eventually we dropped even further in vibration after the destruction of the crystals. Now we live in a truly artificial, inorganic world that is completely unsupportive to us and keeping us at a low vibratory rate so to be energy or food to the beings who can not ascend to a higher level. We have merged over the many thousands of years with many beings from many parts of this galaxy yet the most recent to land here are proposing a challenge and are difficult to merge with them completely as of yet. (we may never merge with them fully in fact)Soon we are looking to implement free energy and when we do this will place us back into a level of the times of using crystals for energy. And when this happens its just a matter of time before we reach our true organic natural state again... Crystal Beings. Try to Remember, this is important, try to remember too to work through the 4d illusion as you used to before dropping in vibration.

Few more things... I wish to share the Grays I have seen. There are three types so far I have come across. There are tiny ones, about the size of a barbie doll, some are smaller and some larger though. For example, you may see something small hiding behind the desk or on rare occasions, see them ON YOU. They are crazy and wild and require discipline other wise they try and prevent you from leaving your body to travel. Plus playing games is mostly what they do, like move things (I recall in the end of a good discipline session with a bunch of these little grays they asked if I would assist them and teach them to ascend). Then there is the four foot tall gray, they Roswell type and they are more benevolent, they are the curious, studious types though wanting to study us, for I feel to save their species and so far they are having genetic problems and are producing lots of deformed grays in this process. It would seem the tiny and roswell type grays are coming to the conclusion that they rather be absorbed by the light then be trapped in the lower dimensions. Some have come to me begging that I love them till they are absorbed into the light. There is another type I have seen. These are very humanoid, big black eyes still, taller, about 5 to 6 feet tall, pale skin, smaller head too, very humanoid. These ones though are vicious and hungry, I found one in my closet. These ones require some serious light, incense, higher dimensional assistance and more, for they will feed on you otherwise. Other traits to watch for....making plans and goals is old energy, “Control” energy, we need to learn to live in the now. Also no more currency of any sort, this does not exist in the higher states and is also used to “Control”. Perfect example is the gold market at present. I recall in 2008 watching on TV to send your gold in for cash. The gold has been collecting for sometime now. I recall wondering why and in 2010 it was clear we are moving into a gold based currency soon. And today the price of gold is dropping so everyone will scramble to buy gold. Best to avoid gold. Any currency in fact. Currency is just to control us.

Love and Light. Abundance and Gratitude. And so it is.
God Bless,
Sarah :0)

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